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    C and X1Hi there! My name is Cornel and I am a legal German alien currently living in beautiful Toledo, OH!

    I think I can honestly say that I am a Buell Fanatic. I remember very well when in 1999, I had just been sent to the US by my former employer, I saw the first Buell at a Harley dealership in Charleston, SC. "Ugly" I though, I was looking at a X1, I had bought a used Suzuki Bandit, which was at that time one of the best selling bikes in my homeland Germany. Then a guy came out of the dealership and started it.  It sounded great! I couldn't believe this little bike would sound just like a big Harley. I wanted to test ride….and I did. This was the first day of an addictive period in my life, for which I cannot see any end yet.
    In 2001 I bought my first Buell. It was a 1999 X1, "Number One".  I convinced some guys to get Buells themselves, we rode together, I eventually bought their bikes when their interests changed, I convinced some more, I started a collection. The early XB bikes were simply too small for me, so I never connected. The Uly was great, but my brothers GS was better (in my opinion). So I collected the "Tubers" (see Buell History) with the dream in the back of my head to, one day, move to the South of France and make a living renting them out to other motorcycle enthusiasts. Well, I needed some kind of justification for myself (and my wife) when I started. Today, in 2009, I am glad to have some money in classic bikes instead most of in the stock market. And the Tubers are very collectable in my eyes plus totally undervalued. And gorgeous. I once got an unexpected  comment to my undertaking here which I liked and want to share:

  • "I pay close very attention to motorcycle history.
    My theory is this:

    In the sixties, Triumph sold 85% of their Bonnevilles produced to the U.S. market. Today, in the U.S. it is very difficult to find complete sixties Bonnevilles becaused they were raced to death, and they were turned
    into choppers (mostly the latter). Now, there are lots of Triumph parts available, just not many complete bikes with matching numbers (luckily my 67 is one). Today, complete Triumph Bonnevilles are selling for over 10 grand. Unbelievable.
    Today the very same fate is happening to Buells, especially the tube framed models. The last time I counted, there were seven companies that made chopper frames to fit Buell engines. You see it all of the time on ebay, Buell rolling chassis for sale without engine. The main problem here is that there weren't near as many tube framed Buells produced as were sixties Bonnevilles. Tube frame Buells will begin to disappear, become rare, and they will become very collectible.
     There was a time when you couldn't give away Vincents. Now, on the auction block they are fetching $65,000 to $100,000. They were available for a time when nobody wanted them, and now they are extremely desired. The Holy Grail for me is a 1949 Vincent Black Shadow Series C. Our Buells, will someday be like this. Rare and coveted. 

  •  Check out badweatherbikers, there are lots of threads and even more opinions about this subject. The tube frame Buell may very well be the "50s muscle car of the future" one day.   :-)  

  • Why South of France? Because I learned to love "la Provence" during childhood holidays and later university years. Provence always guaranteed a good time, great weather and excellent and affordable wine and cheese!

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  • Maybe I am less "old school" than I though I was. Here's my daily ride. Couldn't possibly pass that one up. Thanks HD for paying half of it! And thanks HD for releasing Buell from captivity. Now would you please be so nice and let someone else buy it for a fair price so that everyone is happy and the Barracuda can be set free??!! PLEASE?

  • Visit the "badweb" to learn how you can do your part to petition for a release of Buell from the HOG shackles... !!!

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