• rental activities have been suspended due to lack of interest (on your part) and time (on my part)...


Are you in Detroit on business and would like to rent a Buell on the weekend? Or are you a fellow-Buell enthusiast from overseas thinking about taking advantage of the cheap US Dollar by vacationing in the US? Toledo, OH is conveniently located for your visit to the Mid-West: The Great Lakes, Chicago, Canada, even the Niagara Falls in the East as well as the Buell Plant in the West are easily within a day's ride... Check out air fares to Toledo Express Airport (TOL),  there are numerous times I payed less to TOL than to DTW. 

  • Earlier this year I decided to make some of my motorcycles available for rent here in Toledo, OH. Hey, why not TRY it? I found an insurer who would work with a "classic" Buell rental fleet and founded a company, buelltours LLC.


  • Starting June 15th, 2008 the following bikes will be available for rent:

  • 1995 Buell S3 chiquita
    1995 Buell S2 "Chiquita"

  • 2000 Buell S3

    2000 Buell S3 "Silberpfeil"


  • You would like to rent another bike out of my collection? Let me know and we talk about it.
    All bikes are maintained by me and the local Buell Dealer. They are all in very good used condition and should perform better than new. Send me your questions and/concerns, we are talking about some elderly bikes here.... 

Daily rental fee: $99/day*, including unlimited miles.

A helmet will be required and can be supplied at no extra cost. For best comfort however it is recommended to use your own helmet. Luggage systems are also available for no extra charge. The S3 is equipped with hard bags (see pic) which are removable. Both bikes can be fitted with large tank bags.


* excluding $15/day insurance cost


Here are some more rental terms and conditions:

1.    Minimum age is 25.
2.    Possession of a valid motorcycle driver license for at least 3 consecutive years.

3.    Appropriate skills and knowledge to operate the selected motorcycle (demonstration required)
4.    Helmet required at all times.
5.    Purchase of motorcycle rental insurance: $15.00/day - not included in rental price
6.    Rental location: 2310 Gibley Park Rd, Toledo, OH 43617
7.    Pick-up from/Drop-off at TOL or DTW airports can be arranged upon prior notice. Extra charges may apply.
8.    Pick-up and return hours by appointment. Late fee: $20.-/hour; No refunds for early returns
9.    In case of mechanical failure or malfunction a refund up to 100% will be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis.
buelltours LLC reserves the right to refuse rental to any individual at its sole discretion.